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Only current registered student organizations (RSO) are allowed to create or purchase merchandise bearing University marks. As RSOs, they may use University marks for identification and fundraising within the framework of applicable University policy. RSOs are designated as “affiliated” by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs through the activities office of Carolina Union.

All RSOs must follow University guidelines for naming (see Student Organization Naming Guidelines link under Resources). Note that usage of an ampersand (ie- @Carolina) is not permitted.

RSOs may place University marks on websites on University-owned servers, in accordance with University policy regarding websites.

RSOs may purchase merchandise bearing University marks but, all such purchases must be from licensed manufacturers. See the list of Internal Campus Suppliers that have expressed a willingness to produce special-order merchandise for campus groups. These vendors will submit your designs to the Trademarks and Licensing Office for approval. Individual students may not order custom UNC product.

What if I’m not part of an Registered Student Organization? Individual students and non-registered student organizations may not order custom UNC product. If you are not part of an RSO, to ensure compliance, we recommend that you contact the Office of Trademarks and Licensing.


To design or produce University branded merchandise, please:

  1. Develop the design: See the stylesheet section of this website for general guidelines on design.
  2. Identify and contact an approved licensee to produce item (this can be a hyperlink to the licensee page)
  3. The licensee will submit your design to UNC Licensing with the following RSO information:
    • Full name of Registered Student Organization/email/phone
    • Advisor’s name/email
    • Use of product: member product, resale, fundraising, etc.
    • If a reorder, date original order was placed.
  4. UNC Licensing will provide written approval to the licensee
  5. Confirm order with licensee (in some instances, they will obtain final RSO approval prior to submission to UNC Licensing).


Promotional products, clearly noting the student group and not intended to be re-sold will generally be exempt from royalties. Generic designs and/or articles created with the intent to be resold may incur a royalty. Revenue generated from royalties support UNC need and merit based scholarships.